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 International Arbitration Training

<p> International Arbitration Training</p>
<p> International Arbitration Training</p>

Hello Sahabat MedArbId, 

MedArbId is proudly present the International Arbitration Training held every Saturday in July 2021 until August 2021 to equip you with a deeper understanding of International Arbitration methods feature with the training modules brought by the International leading Arbitrators and experts. 

We believe this training would provide you with broad perspectives and practical implementation to develop your skills and capabilities in encounter every challenge as a legal practitioner in these current circumstances, especially where there are many commercial contracts contained with the arbitration clauses. 

Do not forget to mark your calendar! And check out our training schedule and payment details in the flyer. Please be note, we would provide you with a special package price if you register as three-person or more. 

Register now through this link https://bit.ly/3xTFuq8. Or should you have any questions regarding this training, you could contact Jonathan through WhatsApp at +62 812 3633 5822


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