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Highlight International Seminar on Cross-Border Commercial Dispute Resolution

<p>Highlight International Seminar on Cross-Border Commercial Dispute Resolution</p>

Hi Sahabat MedArbId! 

On 8 November 2023, our Chairman, Tony Budidjaja, was on the panel of speakers at the International Seminar on Cross-Border Commercial Dispute Resolution organized by the Supreme Court Singapore and the Mahkamah Agung Corporate University.

In this session, Tony emphasized the importance of the government focusing on international trade law and private law as well as avoiding the enactment of laws that could potentially cause disharmony with existing laws. He goes on to also explain that this harmony is important to maintain to avoid contradictory regulations and conflicts between laws as well as to allow the public and business actors to better understand which laws and regulations apply to them.

Later on in the seminar they also discuss the rapid change the field of international arbitration is undergoing which is an indicator of its growing relevance in these times.

We hope this seminar was an enlightening experience for everyone involved and is a step towards the greater development of the field of commercial dispute resolution in both Indonesia and Singapore.

See you at the next event, Sahabat MedArbId!

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