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MedArbId Secretariat and Website Launching

<p>MedArbId Secretariat and Website Launching</p>

Indonesian Academy of Independent Mediators and Arbitrators (“MedArbId”) is proud to announce the launch a website at www.medarbid.org and also now its official Secretariat is housed at Trust Bar Building Suite 305.

MedArbId has revamped its digital identity to broaden boundaries beyond the horizon and deliver the future. The identity overhauling is part of a larger rebranding for the MedArbId, which aims to further strengthen its regional footprint and presence globally. This change is a natural reflection of our flexibility and adaptation in line with the changing environs and our ongoing commitment to the ADR ecosystem that we remain dedicated to serve better.

To officiate the new identity, the ceremony was held in its new house on 26 June 2019. The inauguration of the new website and office was effectuated by Mr. Michel Rako as Vice Secretary-General and also there was a memorable closing speech by our Chairman Mr. Tony Budidjaja.

The MedArbId new digital identity envisions its continued passion towards capacity building, development and expansion of the Indonesian ADR ecosystem. With the new identity we aspire to continually serve the society better by coaching and mentoring fellow ADR practitioners and aspirants.


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