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"Online Negotiation Toolkit with the Brain in Mind" Webinar

<p>"Online Negotiation Toolkit with the Brain in Mind" Webinar</p>

We proudly announce that MedArbId, partnered with Waegger Negotiation Institute ("WNI”, a negotiation institute in Norway), and together with WNI partnered company, MindTalk, has successfully held webinar with topic of “Online Negotiation with Your Brain in Mind: Unlocking the Human Psyche” on Mon, 18-May-20.

The webinar provides guidelines on how to effectively negotiate online. In particular, the webinar explored two challenges associated with online negotiations.

Special thanks to Reynalda Basya Ilyas (Senior Associate of BIL), with Roar Thun Waegger (Founder of WNI) and Jason Liem (Founder of Mindtalk) for hosting the webinar and also to the participants for the interesting questions in the forum.

If you still have any questions related to this topic, please reach [email protected]

Stay tuned for Online Negotiation with Your Brain in Mind Part 2!


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