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MedArbId and AUS BIMA

<p>MedArbId and AUS BIMA</p>

MedArbId is devoted to encouraging the use of Alternative Dispute Resolutions (“ADR”) mechanism. As a step in the development of its organization, MedArbid formed a partnership with The Australian Barristers International Mediation (“AUS BIMA”).

The signing was represented by Senior Counsel of New South Wales Bar, Campbell Bridge, after MedArbId held a Coffee Talk session on 31 October 2019 titled “The Impact of the Singapore Mediation Convention on Alternative Landscape Dispute Resolution”.

MedArbId and AUS BIMA agreed to provide professional courses, training, and workshops in the areas of Arbitration and ADR in various jurisdictions. This is a partnership that is mutually beneficial as MedArbid and AUSBIMA endeavor to collaborate, promote, and develop teaching and research cooperation on ADR in the area of Arbitration, Mediation and Adjudication Law on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.


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