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The Indonesian Academy of Independent Mediators and Arbitrators (MedArbId) is a not-for-profit member-based Indonesian Centre aiming for the promotion and growth of the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). MedArbId is devoted to encouraging the use of ADR mechanisms by increasing awareness and developing the ADR vocation across the archipelago and its neighbors through affordable and accessible education and training.

MedArbId was founded in 2015 and has since grown and increased its presence both domestically and internationaly.  It has strong ties with the University of Indonesia and the Impartial Mediator Network, a qualified certification institute for mediators in Indonesia.

MedArbId positions itself as a forum for members and other interested parties for congregating local and international practices, building capacity by coaching and mentoring  fellow ADR practitioners and aspirants. It further aims to  foster the communication and cooperation between arbitration and mediation practitioners, judicial institutions, business communities, regulators, and other stakeholders on matters affecting their various interests, providing opportunities for all stakeholders of the economy in resolving disputes and helping holistic growth of the economy – with a special focus on Indonesia and other emerging Asian and Pacific economies.

In a country and in a sector in which trainings are not often affordable and easily available,  and therefore the lack of proper education in the field is affecting the growth and the opportunities of many young professionals, MedArbId aims to provide affordable education and training for ADR practitioners and advocates in Indonesia.

MedArbId is affiliated with several international firms, including AUSBIMA from Australia, CIETAC from China and Waegger Negoitation Institute from Norway. These firms have brought with them their expertise and unique perspectives on matters of ADR and have been committed in their efforts to assist in our endeavors to deliver the best education and training to our advocates.

MedArbId is also the host of the International Arbiration Forum Series where distinghuised keynote speakers are flown in from around the world to participate in interactive discussions surrounding pertinent legal and ADR topics.

Vision and Mission


Our vision is to become Indonesia's largest Association of Independent Arbitrators and Mediators. We are dedicated to promoting and developing mediation and arbitration in the region and aim to bring these mechanisms to forefront of dispute resolution. We will consistently deliver quality and value in our services to lead us to be the most prefferred forum for extra judicial settlements of cross border disputes in Indonesia.

We plant grow the community of advocates and alternative dispute resolution practictioners to advance the adoption of mediation and arbitration as preferred modes to dispute resolution. With a strong focus on cultivation current and new professionals, we aspire to be the leading provider of education and training of mediators and arbitrators in Indonesia.


Our mission can be defined by seven core focus areas that is at the center of our values, purposes and practices.

ASSOCIATION: Assemble and encourage friendly association among the professional mediation and arbitration service providers in Indonesia.

COOPERATION: Cultivate communication and cooperation between arbitration and mediation practitioners, judicial institution, business community, regulators and other stakeholders on matters affecting their various interests.

ARBITRATION: Provide an effective forum of ad hoc arbitral proceedings and promote the use of arbitration in the legal and business communities.

DEVELOPMENT: Deliver quality training programs for the arbitration and mediation professionals.

EDUCATION: Enhance public awareness of ad hoc arbitration, ad hoc mediation and other alternative dispute resolution by means of symposium/seminar/workshop.

MEDIATION: Provide an effective forum of ad hoc mediation proceedings and promote the use of mediation in the legal and business communities.

YOUNG PROFESSIONALS: Prepare the next generation of professional mediators and arbitrators.

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