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Webinar with Waegger Negotiation Institute

<p>Webinar with Waegger Negotiation Institute</p>

'Online Negotiation with your Brain in Mind'

As COVID-19 continues its spread around the world, more and more companies are asking their employees to stay away from the office. These disruptions have provided many professionals increased impetus to consider and adopt the use of virtual conferences as a means to continue their practice. As face to face meetings move increasingly online, a number of difficulties might arise as we lose many of the social and emotional signals that help us engage in a constructive conversation.

In this webinar, MedArbId is proud to have Roar Waegger from the Waegger Negotiation Institute of Norway and Jason Liem from MindTalk guide individuals in addressing these difficulties and adjusting to the new normal of communicating online. The webinar will introduct participants to online communication, how to perform it and what skills they need to develop to conduct it sucessfully. 

The webinar will be useful for all those engaging in online conferences and train participants to develop skills for structuring high-stake deals and solving complex disputes online. 

Date: Monday 18th May 2020
Time: 14.00-16.00 West Indonesia Time
Registration fee: IDR. 500,000.00

To register click here or email info@medarbid.org




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