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MedArbId and Impartial Mediator Network

<p>MedArbId and Impartial Mediator Network</p>

On the jubilant day of 27 September 2019, MedArbId (Indonesian Academy of Independent Mediators and Arbitrators) and IMN (Impartial Mediator Network), formally expressed and declared their joint effort in promoting ADR. For two hours, Mr. Tony Budidjaja of MedArbd and Mr. Achmad Zazali of IMN conveyed their steadfast thoughts and aspirations for this partnership.

Mr. Tony emphasized the importance of our endeavor to ameliorate ADR and highlights several of the challenges faced by the ADR world today, wherein Mr.Zazali pinpointed the crucial role of ADR, especially in the context of today’s government and economic landscape. 

By signing a Memorandum of Understanding, we hope that our collective vision of seeing the ADR sector grow, and of educating exemplary and qualified ADR professionals, will gain strength, momentum, and solidarity.


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