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Executive Director

John Pattiwael, S.H., together with Jhony Mazmur William Manurung, S.H. is the Managing Partner and one of the founders of John, Jhony & Partners (Attorneys at Law) (2017). Throughout his career as a lawyer, John has practiced litigation since 2005 as a public defender at Mawar Saron Legal Aid Institution and being trusted as the Director since 2009 until he completed his appointment in 2017.

He also gained extensive experience as Senior Associate at Hotma Sitompoel & Associates (2008-2017). In pursuing his dedication to human rights & juvenile justice, he has been entrusted to represent Republic of Indonesia as speaker on International forums: 8th Australia Community Support Organization (ACSO) International Criminal Justice Conference (Melbourne 2015),

3rd Peace & Conflict Resolution Conference (Bangkok 2016) and Side event on the 34th Session of the UN Human Rights Council (Geneva 2017). His writings have also been incorporated in the publication: “Promoting Restorative Justice for Children” (pg. 25, box. 15) reported to the UN General Assembly Meeting in New York (2013) by the Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations on Violence against Children.


Executive Secretary-General

Mrityunjay Kumar has a Master degree in Energy and Resources Law from University of Melbourne, Australia. Prior to his appointment at MedArbId, Kumar was a Trainee Legal at Asian International Arbitration Centre, Kuala Lumpur and before that, a lawyer practising commercial litigation and arbitration in India. Kumar has experience with varied business environment in multiple industries viz. service, legal consultancy, advertising and marketing, IT consultancy and software development, and construction.

Kumar's major interests are in the areas of international dispute resolution, energy and resources sector and maritime law and dispute resolution. As Executive Secretary General of MedArbId, Kumar provides companies, governments, investors, and attorneys in the region with advice concerning efficient resolution of international disputes by raising their awareness of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanism, including negotiation, mediation and arbitration services. He also initiates trainings, seminars, coffee talks and conferences in the region towards capacity building and promotion of ADR.


Vice Executive Secretary General

Michel is a Partner of Armila & Rako Law Firm. He has an active court and arbitration practice. Michel has conducted litigation at all levels of Courts in Indonesia and Arbitration matters. Substantive areas of law and disputes covered include contract, tort, intellectual property rights, shareholders disputes, insurance, employment and criminal.

Furthermore, Michel is also involved in numerous organizations such as International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Indonesia, Français du Monde (ADFE) and the Indonesian Christian Legal Society (ICLS).


Research & Publication Coordinator

During her time as a student at Universitas Gajah Mada, Naila had been involved in various organizations and was actively involved in the university’s moot court team. Naila was named as one of the Best Oralist for the Indonesian Willem C. Vis Pre-Moot event in 2016, while her moot court team received recognition as the Best Memorial for Respondent in the Foreign Direct Investment International Moot Court Competition in Boston, United States in 2017.

Naila also had experiences as interns in prominent law firms in Singapore and London; and in a prominent Indonesian firm. She was also involved in many students organization such as the Indonesian Society of International Law; the Asian Law Students’ Association; and the Juris Gentium Law Review, the first Indonesian student-run law journal in cooperation with the Asian International Arbitration Center (AIAC).


Events and External Relations Coordinator

Aldris had completed two undergraduate programs, namely the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from University of East London, and Bachelor of Law in Catholic University of Atma Jaya Jakarta.
He has experiences in energy sectors and as an intern in Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia. He had also interned in a number of leading law firms in Indonesia and in Singapore. In addition, he is currently acting as the Treasury of a student’s organization called the Indonesian Society of International Law (ISIL).


Membership & Administration Coordinator

Yason is a Bachelor of Law focused in Constitutional Law from Diponegoro University with an internship experienced Legal Aid in Indonesia Christian Legal Society and apprenticeship experienced Arbitration and Alternative and Dispute Resolutions in one of a prominent law firm in Indonesia. During the time as a student, Yason was actively involved in the university’s national moot court team with several cases namely criminal, bankruptcy and intellectual property

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