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International Arbitration Forum Series - 1st Series

<p>International Arbitration Forum Series - 1st Series</p>

MedArbId’s very first International Arbitration Forum Series titled “Getting an Early Advantage; Key Decisions for Clients at the Beginning of a Complex Dispute” was held on Wednesday, 9 October 2019. MedArbId was humbled to welcome Mr. Anthony Cheah Nicholls, Mr. Dimitris Katsikis and Mr. Michel Rako who shared crucial learning points in handling arbitration disputes based on their wide array of practical experiences. As the moderator, Mr. Narada Kumara kept the discussion engaging as reflected by the audience’s enthusiasm in raising questions. The thought-provoking topics discussed among others included: the value of a legal counsel’s involvement prior to the dispute, the process of weighing the pros and cons in choosing the most suitable dispute resolution mechanism, the potential cultural clash resulting from civil and common law backgrounds and its impact towards the proceedings, the role of judicial assistance as well as measures in striving for a more time and cost-efficient dispute resolution.


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